Jon offers a bespoke service to meet all your needs, his bespoke fitted wardrobes are created to really transform your home and make the most of the space available to you from cupboards to sections to house cocktail dresses, hats, shoes etc. No one wardrobe is the same. You can select the height of hanging rails and shelves. With Jon’s wealth of experience in this field he can guide you through each choice you make and come up with innovative solutions to meet all of your needs.

Storage and Furniture

The storage solutions we offer enable you to lead a clutter free lifestyle & make the very best of the space available in your home.  This ranges from window seats/boxes, TV units, storage cabinets, under stairs cupboards, office storage to much more.

Find the perfect solution to meet all your storage needs, whether your family is expanding or to simply bring extra space and order into your home.

We offer modern solutions that have a clean and fresh style to compliment your home.

The beauty of the bespoke service we provide is you can tailor your unit to suit your needs.  You can set shelf heights for specific items you wish to house that do not fit in your conventional off the shelf unit.

We help hide household clutter that does not deserve to be on display for example ironing board, pipes, hoover, toys, printer, wires etc.


We believe kitchens are the most important room in the house and the main focal point for family and guests.  We place great importance on getting your kitchen right and ensuring it meets all the family needs, whilst being a stunning focal point to wow your guests.  We help design, build and make the dream kitchen become a reality.  With our bespoke services, we can incorporate bespoke units and seating to really enhance the heart of your home.



The beauty of bespoke shelving is the possibilities are endless; you can let your imagination run wild. Create a space to house stereos, TV, books, vases etc. Design your space so you can show off your meaningful items and make your standard TV unit an enchanting piece of artwork that houses all your treasured possessions.

We offer fixed, floating or adjustable shelves.

The adjustable option enables you to change the look of your shelves from month to month. You can change the look within your home and can be ever changing with the seasons for example fill it with Christmas magic or a seasonal pumpkin.

Make your shelving the focal point of your home with the option to adjust the shelves yourself. You can change the look day by day.


We also offer our carpentry services to the commercial market.  We have taken on many commercial projects to give businesses a unique product and quality service.  Our carpentry skills can create an environment which will give you the cutting edge above your competitors.

We have created a range of contemporary one off till units, seating areas, cabinets etc.  We have taken on projects using new materials and reclaimed wood to give, for example a rustic feel to a seaside restaurant.

We have embedded the Bespoke Living Carpentry style into commercial premises giving them the clean, fresh and modern facelift they deserved.

Finishes & Styles

We offer the entire package at Bespoke Living Carpentry.  We offer modern solutions that have a clean and fresh style to compliment your home.  You can choose how you wish to finish and the style of your product. Here quality is essential and we only use the finest paints, veneers and varnishes available.


You can choose from a range of finishes from painted, veneered or varnishes.


We use Dulux Satinwood to paint our units.  All painted units come with two coats of acrylic primmer and two coats of Dulux satinwood providing a subtle, attractive alternative to gloss.  Dulux Satinwood is wipeable and non-yellowing.

Dulux are finding clever ways to make their paints more environmentally friendly.  Simply by replacing the solvents traditionally used in paint recipes with water.  Dulux believe making high quality products and making a positive difference to the planet are two sides of the same coin.

At Bespoke Living Carpentry we believe Dulux Satinwood gives a high quality finish to a high quality unit.


We also use Farrow & Ball for their outstanding quality, colours and eco-friendly paints.  The high levels of pigment, rich resin binders and, the high refractory nature of their key ingredients produces their signature impressive depth of colour.  Farrow & Ball offer a range of interior and exterior, modern and traditional water based eco-friendly paints available in 132 enviable colours.  Their paints have been independently tested and approved to meet the Toy Safety Standard so parents can be rest assured when we decorate Toy units with Farrow & Ball.  Currently 90% of the waste created by Farrow & Ball when creating their paints is recyclable, reducing the need for landfill.


We offer 3 main styles at Bespoke Living Carpentry: